Polish Genealogy: Practical Tips, Links, and Help

This is the last article from the series talking about the origin of Polish and Jewish names, and about
finding family roots
. Please read the other articles before reading these final remarks.

Birth and baptism certificates can be found in the parish records and province archives (until about 1870) and later in the diocesean archives. For instance, in the Krakow area, the records are stored in
Krakow Province (Voivodeship) Archive, 16 Sienna Street, 31-011 Krakow
and also in the Diocesean Archive: 3 Franciszkanska Street, 31-004 Krakow.

The Mormons made microfilms of many, but not all of the parish records in Poland. Check their site to learn more about the records they have: Family Search.

The links below might be helpful in your search:
  • People finder
  • check the name in the cemetery search

    Below is a link to a very good book by Rosemary A. Chorzempa that will help with genealogy research in Poland.
    It is entitled Polish Roots . You can read my review of this book here.

    Let me to explain in a bit more detail about a very good genealogy search engine www.jewishgen.org. This search engine is excellent for finding Jewish ancestors but also for finding any location in Poland.
  • For finding the location click Shetlseeker and follow the directions
  • For finding the records in Poland search for:
    or Records indexing and click use precise spelling

    Also, our genealogy website should be helpful to you. Nancy's genealogy articles describe a personal search by a Polish-American for her ancestors. In our article Genealogy Resources you will find many valuable links to major Polish and world genealogy sites.

    I wish you a very successful search!

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