After I Returned Home (6)

Here is the sixth article about my search for family history in Poland. Read the previous part: Traveling Polish Roads (5)

The Gift of Family

Part 6. After I Returned Home

After I returned home, of course I had a million questions, so I asked Zenon if he would return to Piatkowa and talk with my new-found cousins. Through him, we have exchanged family photographs, and shared stories about their life, weddings, and the war years. My family tree has grown considerably, and even includes cousins who live in the same New England town as some of my nieces and nephews.

I had been disappointed that I did not find traces of my paternal grandmother on this trip, but there has been a new development. I reexamined some photos from my fathers photo album, and realized that one wedding picture had "Piatkowa" written on the back. Zenon transmitted the photos to Maria, who said yes, that was her friend from the village. A telephone call revealed that her friend was in fact the grandson of my maternal grandmothers sister. With Zenons help, I will complete the circle and learn about this part of my family.

In this small world it seems we were all in closer proximity than any of us knew. I am preparing a family tree with all of us on it, and will send it to my cousins as a gift of family this Christmas 2004.

Click here to see photographs of a cemetery and the beautiful countryside near Olszyny.

Polish Origins

The experiences we shared encouraged Zenon to follow his desire to establish a service to help people discover the beauty of their ancestral land. I am pleased to say that I am sure he will be successful. Visit his website at

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